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GDTek, INC., mission is to employ Green Technologies (clean technologies) to produce Renewable and Sustainable Energy for a cleaner planet while conserving the Earth's natural environment. Our cost effective Green Energy Technologies will efficiently help to curb the negative impacts of humans on the Earth for our generation and generations to come...

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GDTek, Inc introduction to waste heat to electricity technology - Watch Now!

NEW! Wood Pellets - Market Perspective and Opportunities (PDF File)

NEW! European Pellet Market Report (PDF File)

Clean Energy Pipeline Interview with Maxine Pierson Executive Vice President of GDTek, Inc. (PDF File)

To Celebrate Earth Day 2013 Maxine Pierson Executive Vice President of GDTek, Inc., was interviewed Today by Wall Street Media Group

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Green Day Technologies, Inc. , G-Pell and Hemp-Pell are a wholly owned subsidiary of Kleangas Energy Technologies, Inc.